Instant visibility for every campaign

Why do brands need SalesAtWork?

It pulls all our campaign information into one place

Why do brands need SalesAtWork? brands girls

Without access to meaningful real-time information, an organisation is blind. 

SalesAtWork is your eyes and ears so you can manage and analyse campaign information as it happens to stay competitive.

SalesAtWork brings everything you need to know onto one user-friendly platform. 



Sales team success is the execution of good planning

Field sales is not reactive

Field sales is not reactive; it is the fulfilment of a strategic plan that defines your vision. Without informed planning, a sales team will not achieve your goals.

Because in-store execution comes in all shapes and sizes; you need flexible sales operations software that is fast to implement.

SalesAtWork puts you in the driver's seat, ready to take on the most demanding in-store scenarios, in your territory or around the globe.



Our mantra: Plan, Do, Measure, Improve

Measurable process

Measurable process drives the best in-field activity. In-store, success is built on the adaptation of processes that have been quantified and analysed.

With SalesAtWork users make informed process decisions based on facts. Gets your sales team on the right track by having the data to hand that you need to benchmark performance and make the necessary adjustments.

SalesAtWork is easy to implement and is all about using the power of data to inform the sales process. With SalesAtWork any brand can get setup and start improving their instore performance from day one.

Sales teams are about more than just promoting a brand or product.

Sales teams are the crucial link

Connect with the customer

Sales teams are the crucial link between the manufacturer, retailers and the end customer. 

Reps are the face of a brand, or if you like the "ambassador".  To maximise the benefit from in-store time, they need to gather and disseminate information efficiently. 

Improve in-store training and feedback with easy to use software, backed by the power of the cloud.

SalesAtWork facilitates an intuitive process for education as well as managing the information collected from feedback, in-store surveys and vital competitor analysis.

Our campaigns rely on persuasive communication

Informed sales staff give your brand the unfair advantage

Informed sales staff give your brand the unfair advantage

In the competitive retail environment, the right sales pitch makes all the difference.

SalesAtWork makes your job easier because your sales team will always be ready with the perfect pitch. 

SalesAtWork makes face to face time more valuable; getting everyone on the same page fast, by taking the chore out of training.

Your team will have access to every piece of marketing collateral when they need it.