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Dispelling the trade promotion myths

A white paper from US publisher, Consumer Goods Technology (CGT), argues that many consumer goods companies and retailers are missing out on huge incremental revenue opportunities by failing to optimise their trade spending dollars.


Brand transformation through storytelling

Trade promotion is but one tool in the arsenal of marketing departments aiming to boost brand awareness and market share. Advertising has traditionally been an equally, if not more significant component, but the power of many traditional advertising channels – print and television, in particular is declining as a result of the massive shift in the way people consume content, switching from free-to-air TV to video-on-demand services and from newspapers and magazines to smartphones.


Time to get serious about collaboration tools

Are you rather sceptical about the benefits of all these new fangled business collaboration tools, such as video conferencing, document sharing and in-house, business-oriented social media platforms? Perhaps you need to revise your opinions. A study, produced by Forbes Magazine and Cisco (admittedly a major provider of collaboration technologies) strongly suggests those organisation that have really embraced these technologies are reaping significant benefits - and not just internal efficiency gains.


Grocery retailing in Australia - as seen from the UK

Big changes coming to Australian grocery market

UK based IGD ( is an organisation dedicated to helping the food and consumer goods industry deliver the needs of the public. It claims to be the leading source of information and best practice on the consumer goods industry worldwide. So what does it think of the Grocery retailing scene in Australia?