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Why SalesAtWork

Consultative not Consulting

  • SalesAtWork is more than just a product as it encompasses Delivery, Support and ongoing evolution.

  • SalesAtWork provides organisations the benefits of a Consultative partner, without the worry of the clock ticking.

  • SalesAtWork embodies the philosophy of cloud computing, with users gaining the ongoing benefit of best practice features and support assistance.


  • SalesAtWork is delivered out the cloud, which means there is no need to invest in internal hardware and infra-structure to operate.

  • Updates are seamless, with the SalesAtWork team ensuring you are kept up to date, yet still being managed in accordance with good enterprise principles.

  • The cloud provides clarity of roles and organisations gain the benefit of shared responsibility – our success is totally dependent on yours.

Industry Ready

  • SalesAtWork users gain the benefit of an ‘out the box’ solution, that is highly configurable and quick to implement.

  • Features are market driven and not the result of ‘journeys of discovery’.

  • The benefits of using a tested application are many.

  • Gaps identified are filled, with users benefiting without the worry of development.

  • SalesAtWork users have a competitive advantage, by being at the forefront of their industry, with regards systems.

Beyond the individual

  • Good practice dictates that any business area should operate even if a key person is away.

  • Good practice dictates that all stakeholders should have visibility of all aspects across sales operations.
  • Driven by process, SalesAtWork brings process disciplines to the whole operational sales area.

  • The Benefit – reduced training costs, ease of on-boarding, improved visibility and a reduction in admin


  • SalesAtWork has been developed as an agile product, by an agile organisation

  • The future is about agility and the ability to change, as markets and technology change

  • The benefits of this agility are numerous to SalesAtWork customers - questions raised by customers are not seen as an irritation, but rather a key indicator as to what the market is thinking and what may need to change


  • In an ever competitive market, affordability or return on investment is a key area of any solution decision.

  • Affordability is not about being cheap or expensive, but rather in ensuring there is a good business case today, and into the future and certainty of system total cost of operation.

  • Affordability can only be properly assessed, based on the percentage product fit to your needs, and known pricing certainty.

  • SalesAtWork aims offers solutions that deliver returns o investment.